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What We Do

Rolling Menus connects clients with food & beverage needs with gourmet food trucks to create amazing experiences. If you’ve ever tried to find catering for an event, you know how challenging the process can be! Booking food trucks for regular scheduling on site is just as difficult. We realized the need to help hungry clients create great experiences. At the same time, we contribute to the success of each food truck operator that we work with.

How We Started

Rolling Menus was founded in 2017 by brothers Nate and Douglas, who saw a need for fresh, innovative, local meals in the Salt Lake valley. Nate had a different plan than Douglas, who opened a new food truck to take over the city. He saw the difficulty in finding new food truck sites and the lack of scheduling standards in Salt Lake, a city that loves food trucks. Rolling Menus grew from these brothers’ ability to connect with others, and desire to create something meaningful for their food-loving city. 


As we continued to grow in the Salt Lake City market, we partnered with Where’s The Foodtruck to increase vendor successes at each property that we schedule, and for our vendors in general when they’re out for public sales. With Where’s The Foodtruck, we’re also able to utilize a proprietary scheduling software, built into their vendor app, to more quickly and easily share gig opportunities to vendors, source more new vendors, schedule a broader variety for properties, and publicly share scheduling calendars to benefit all parts of this wheel that we’re rolling.

Meet Our Team


Aly Rasheed

Scheduling Specialist

Aly is our newest member, having been with Rolling Menus for just over a year. She is growing into her position very well and maintains most of the daily business operations. She's onboarding new locations, adding vendors, filling calendars, and everything else it takes to get it done! Doing all the behind-the-scenes work doesn't get her much attention, but know that she's there for you.

Jennie Chin

Scheduling Specialist

Jennie began working in a food truck in high school. Thieps Eats was her first experience on the operations side of the industry. From prepping and serving food, she moved into operations, helping to launch many other food truck concepts under the One Sweet Pea umbrella. Jennie has over 6 years of experience in booking multiple vendors under OSP and now Rolling Menus.

Maxwell Powell


Maxwell and Thiep, his late wife, both knew a lot about the food truck industry. They owned and operated One Sweet Pea, which encompassed 10 successful food truck concepts, 2 brick and mortars, and 2 commissaries. After Thiep's passing, Maxwell went back to doing what he loved, which was consulting, and he still does it today. Their food trucks and kitchens are still in operation and continue to grow.

Nicholas Spindel


Nic is the founder and CEO of the nation's #1 food truck app, Where's the Foodtruck.  Nic cut his teeth in restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip and eventually decided to start his own concept, a food truck. In this process, he realized the need for a platform to provide infrastructure to the whole food truck industry. WTF offers food truck finder apps, mobile ordering, catering, lead gen, operational support & services, and more.

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